Street Theatre and Walkabout Shows

We've been touring with our own unique productions for more than 25 years. Some examples...

THE WEATHER SHOW Visitors from Great Britain bring their own national weather with them!

HUMAN FURNITURE The latest product from England, Human Furniture! A comfortable armchair is always at your service, because it will follow you around. Inside the luxurious upholstery is an unemployed British school-leaver who is programmed to respond to your every command, e.g., “Sit!”... “Recline!”... “Rock!”... “Stand!”... “Dry-cleaners!” Two highly qualified sales assistants are always at hand to advise and help you with your free trial.

“...the living armchair offered a degree of comfort which has yet to be attained by conventional upholstered furniture...A delightful walkabout act, which put the performers in direct contact with the audience.” Nahe-Zeitung, Idar-Oberstein

THE CANNON CLUB A classic piece of street theatre - British eccentrics and their cannon guarantee explosive fun. Begin your event with a big bang!

“That was street theatre the way it should be, interactive and charming. First class, wasn't it?” Südkurier, Friedrichshafen


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