Animation and Short Acts

Our main characters Mike and Daphne are very versatile, and will guarantee excitement and fun at your event. Whether you require animation in the midst of your guests and/or short stage acts, we can provide you with intelligent entertainment specifically tailored to your event. Some examples of the possibilities:

A WITTY AND JOCULAR WELCOMING PARTY with party poppers, marble archway and a hearty welcome... a guaranteed ice-breaker!



THE GREAT BRITISH RAFFLE... a highly theatrical tombola - much “pomp and ceremony”, authentic British prizes and the ultimate in coronation ceremonies!
MIKE'S THEATRE OF JELLYFISH... a miniature theatre animated by trained jellyfish which simultaneously light up and shoot water to Mike's unique musical accompaniment.



SHORT BUT SPECTACULAR OUTDOOR PIECES... we can fire our antique WATERLOO CANNON in honour of the occasion... or ignite our OLYMPIC FLAME

“it can be said without exaggeration that your performance was time and again of excellent quality and a highlight of the evening in its own right. The integration of your performances, particularly within the scientific and medicinal framework , has had such a long-term impact that it is still spoken of during my visits to our international partners. Your contribution to the success of this important series of events is undoubted... Dr. Holger Voigt, PhD, MD, Professor of Medicine, Research Director, Melanoma Research Project


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